Thursday, 20 July 2017

CUBA ON THE SPOT, PART 2 ... A Pic Tour With J-E!

We continue with Part 2 of the pic tour of Cuba with J-E, as promised.  
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Photos have a way of speaking for themselves, leaving the viewer with many opportunities to see and interpret through their own experiential lenses.  

Tourist attraction: Old-fashioned camera, Parque Central, Havana 

Black & white photo of J-E taken with the old-fashioned camera (negative and positive)

This is no less the case on our pic tour because each photo seems to hold so many known and unknown stories.  A photo-essay of sorts ... written on the faces of Cubans going about their daily activities in their homes and on the streets; carved in the buildings with their historical designs; painted on walls that display the works of street artists; signed by the eye-catching and famous vintage Cuban cars.

Cuban friends

Truck delivering goods, San Rafael

Street vendors like these are everywhere selling delicious vanilla & guava jam biscuits,
empanadas(patties) ... everything is home-made!

Community car repair

Prado Skate Park, Havana:  Here the young & old can be seen on skate-boards,
roller-blades and bicycles ... all together!
For readers who might have a deeper interest in Cuban architecture (and as stated @, Havana has been described as 'one of the most architecturally diverse cities in the world'.  Such influences came from the colonial and baroque period, the neo-classical period and at the turn of the 20th century, influences from art nouveau, art deco and eclectic design. 
A few of these, still bearing the unmistakable signs of former 'glory days', have been captured in both Part 1 & 2.  There is also a particularly interesting artifact in this post. Look for it!

Various architectural influences line the streets of Havana 

 Hotel Inglaterra, Old Havana - the oldest hotel in Cuba, dating back to 1844;
 built in the neoclassic style of the colonial Spanish era; colorful history of ownership

El Malecon, Havana

Antique cash register in a pharmacy

Street Art in Cien Fuego

Street Art in Cien Fuego

Nothing beats the 'feet-on-the-ground' experience; up close and personal.  All the more reason to extend many thanks to J-E for this pictorial share of a whirlwind vacation in Cuba. 

J-E looks right at home!

 One of the famous vintage Cuban cars

No doubt, Cuba is once again in the midst of a period of transition. A visit in another few years might yield new vistas.  Yet, it is unlikely that any transformation will erase its remarkable history. Many things will still be unmistakably present. 

Crossing Cuba ...
Thanks for the tour J-E!  You shall return! 
All photographs credited to Joyce-Elena Browne, 2017.


Sunday, 16 July 2017

CUBA ON THE SPOT, PART 1 ... A Pic Tour with J-E!

We're on the Cuba trail with J-E!
Student, young entrepreneur, skate-boarding enthusiast, budding photographer, traveler/adventurer ... that's J-E, who hails from the island of Barbados.

J-E Browne in flight at the F-Spot, Barbados

Cuba was on the list of 'places-to-visit'. She packed her bags and headed over to the giant island for two weeks.  
Shadowed by its history of struggle and resistance against Western capitalistic influences; steered by the ideology of communism for decades; recently opening its doors more widely to the world with free movement across borders and the systematic lifting of trade barriers, Cuba's haunting time-locked beauty is unmistakable.

J-E takes us on a pic-tour of Cuba ... meeting the real people, visiting unforgettable places and vowing to return.

TrailSpots is honored to share slices of J-E's visit to Cuba with our followers.  There'll be more in the post that follows.  
Enjoy the visit with us and be sure to look out for J-E.  That's her up top with one of the famous vintage Cuban cars; on the skate-board (in Barbados) and on horse-back in the middle in 
Many of these photos were taken in Vinales, Trinidad and Cien Fuegos, Cuba. 
You may connect with J-E on Instagram @ 246_jewelry.  She'll be on the move again soon!  

All photos courtesy Joyce-Elena Browne

Hello Cuba!

J-E on the Vinales trail in Cuba!

Part 2 will be coming right up!


Friday, 7 July 2017

BACK TO GRENADA WITH 'GONE GREEN', PART 2 ... On the hunt and more

'Gone Green'  has returned to one of its favorite spots ... 'TrailSpots(T-Spots!)!  

Post and pics courtesy A. Vanderhoorn 

As promised ... and as usual, the pics from a 'Gone Green' post almost always overflow! 
Then take in the wrap up pics of the 'Gone Green' ladies on the hunt and a few views of the Isle of Spice. It's hard work and it's fun!

Be sure to check out previous 'Gone Green' posts on the blog. See the links in Part 1.
Give them a call and if you happen to be in or passing through Grenada, then be sure to pay a visit!

The hunt for treasure and other views with Denise and Angela ...

St. Georges, Grenada

Enjoy the view ... then go sea-glass hunting!

A front-yard shore filled with sea-glass


Watching the sunset from a secluded beach in Grenada

Sandy greetings from 'Gone Green!