Monday, 29 December 2014


Here it is!

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Contact Kathy Gabriel/Gabby @ for more information. 
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What's out there?


Thursday, 25 December 2014


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all trail-spotters, from Trail Spots (T-Spots!), Trinidad and Tobago.  
It's a beautiful, sunny Christmas morning and we're sharing the warmth!!

Here's a bougainvillea blossom for you!
The picture was taken (early Christmas morning 2014), fresh from my garden!

Saturday, 20 December 2014


#Trail Spots (T-Spots!) fans, look out for the addition of a brand new page feature in early 2015!  
The first three spots will be 'on the house', so stay tuned!

More information will be posted soon.  You can contact us @  

Remember to join our Trail Spots Mailing List for special notices.  Feel free to post your comments/questions, in the comment box. 

Let's find and share more trail-spots in 2015!  Happy trails!


Thursday, 11 December 2014


In support of a call by Papa Bois Conservation, for this area off Paria Bay, Trinidad, to be declared a National Park. 

Some see a few rocks; some see a legacy. 

Photo credit: Marc de Verteuil

Friday, 21 November 2014


Only pics* ...  fun, fun and more fun!

I spy ... Fort Granby!

Mission accomplished!

Co-pilot 'PT'

Master snorkler ...

Snorkeling at Argyle Falls

Main road around the tree ...   land mark.

Glass-bottom cruiser at Pigeon Point ... Sugar Lips!
More Sugar Lips!

Moo! ... near Englishman's Bay

*All photos were taken by the Trail Spots (T-Spots! ) crew.


Thursday, 20 November 2014


Ten pics* ... ten thousand words!

Forestry Section gone solar!

Glass-bottom boats at Store Bay

Wave-breakers at Sandy Pount

Anchored at Pigeon Point

Sunset from Sandy Point

Wedding at Pigeon Point

* All photos were taken by the Trail Spot (T-Spot!) crew.

'DOWN-TIME IN TOBAGO 2' ... up next! 


Thursday, 30 October 2014


No doubt  there was excitement on my part as we neared the point of our journey.  I could see the Galera Point Lighthouse not too far away... a silvery white tower.  
The grounds were shaded mostly by mature almond trees, some of which looked like old armchairs.  Old concrete water tanks displayed some local artwork; tables, benches, safety signs and pebbled pathways, created a welcoming atmosphere.  
The Lighthouse information board which is a few pics down, provides a brief history of this landmark. 

Visitors were exploring the grounds, reading about the history of the lighthouse and the examining the artifacts.  The most obvious being an earlier blinking light / 'beamer', that was replaced during renovations in 1984.  Just like us, many were taking pictures.  
Who could miss the hot red door at the entrance to the lighthouse.  It was padlocked and I really wished that I could pick that lock!  We settled for a pic instead. 

 There was a constant flow of people coming and going through the gate.   Next to the gate was a prominent, towering signboard of Olympic Javelin champion, Keshorn Walcott, son of the village, complete with a summary of his achievements, thus far.  We got that!

Most persons ventured  down the rugged track to the rocky base of this Toco spot to take in the Atlantic spread. 
My son a fishing enthusiast himself,  asked a young man with a big fishing rod, if the fishing was good around this spot.  He said that it was good, mentioned some of what he had caught and continued on his way down the track.  I gathered that it was a normal pastime for him ... a lone fisherman.  Son followed soon after ...

Many parts of the rocky mainland were tumbling into the sea. Some lay scattered on the shore.  Some parts were almost or already separated and 'out to sea' forming their own little islands and adding to the dynamic attraction of the landscape.  

The  rock platform spread out beyond the track.  It was like an invitation to take up your fishing position or take a seat and listen to the wind-swept harmony in this natural amphitheater.
The view up-hill to the top of the lighthouse was unframed by the big blue sky ... what a sight!  The attraction to this spot was at once gentle and powerful ... at least it was so for me.

Several moments were spent taking it all in ...                 
Then it was time to head back.

After a few pics in the shade we hit the road again.  The traffic-less stretch of road just outside the lighthouse gates was captured; then we stopped to take in the 'Country Mix ...' shop on the sandy shore between the Atlantic Ocean and the main road.  It was part of the Salybia Beach Facility, tucked in-between coconut trees.  
Another sea-side trail etched into my memory!

Who could tell what this Toco spot would look like in another ten to twenty years?  It would be different for sure.  I plan to see it again before that ... long before that!  

As usual, the return drive seemed quicker even though the traffic had increased.  Many spots that were not observed going in, were seen on the way out.  The road was more familiar now and even the corners seemed smoother.    The drinks and sandwiches that were packed for the trip were disappearing quickly! 
In no time it seemed, we were back on the Solomon Hochoy Highway and heading for the south-land.  We would definitely make it before nightfall

It was a great way to spend my birthday ... the beginning of another year of adventure beneath the blue!  Trailing and loving it!




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