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As we draw near to the close of 2016, it seems fitting that we feature one post out of a double feature that straddles two places ... one filled with sunshine and one filled with snow.  

Check out last year's  pre-Christmas post, 'Lots of Sunshine, Lots of Snow: Part 2, featured in the side-bar.  You can also connect to the featured post from here ...

Meet two of TrailSpots'(T-Spots!) friends who shared some sunny and snowy experiences, with lots of photos and videos, right here on the blog.  There's also a Part 1 that you absolutely must view ... the beginning of the story!  
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Meet Cruz and Shemi having lots of fun in the sunshine (Grenada) in the early days and then in the snow back in 2015.  Great friendship!
 ... on a hike in Grenada

... on the slopes in Missouri
Thanks again guys!

Trailspotters, we hope you've enjoyed the spots we've shared on our trail for 2016 ... and we hope that you enjoy the up-coming holidays, whether you're in the sunshine or in the snow!!



Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Catch Part 1 of the Barbados Arts Council (BAC) Independence Exhibition feature, right here ... 

The Barbados Arts Council (BAC) has been in existence for the past 59 years.  Next year we will celebrate 60 years as an organization.  We have made a valuable contribution to the arts in Barbados.

As part of our Independence Celebration,we are hosting an Independence Exhibition "Barbados at 50".  It show-cases BAC artists of the past, present and future.

The event opened on October 30th, 2016, with a gathering of artists, members and invited guests.  It was well attended. 

The opening speaker was Sir Henry Fraser who is a medical doctor, a historian, a former senator, an orator and an artist.  He spoke of the importance of art in Barbados and the Caribbean. 
Kathy Yearwood was the Guest Curator.

The red wall and the white wall, highlights of the exhibition, pay tribute to the work of pioneer members of the BAC, such as Goldie White, Karl Broodhagen, Maurice Drakes, Norma Talma, Aileen Hamilton, Maurice Drakes and others.  

Let's take a look at the red wall and the white wall, along with a little history ...

First on the red wall is 'Trace of Life' is by Norma Talma (mother and two children).

'Young Woman' (upper left) is by Goldie White, who was one of the founding members of the BAC. 

Lower left (in black and white) is 'Mother & Child' by Aileen Hamilton.

Upper right, is Oscar Walke's 'Fruit Seller'.

Lower right is 'Nina' by Karl Broodhagen.  Karl Broodhagen was a master sculptor, painter, ceramic artist, teacher.  He designed the Emancipation Statute, known to Barbadians as 'The Bussa Statue'. 

Moving on ...

 At the top on the white wall is 'Excursion' by Maurice Drakes.

In the middle is "Newton Mill" by Kathleen Hamilton.  

Below that is Oliver Barnelle's "Fontabelle". It is a historical record of Fontablle as there is no longer a beach there. That beach land was reclaimed and is now part of Bridgetown.

Other walls ...
One of the main walls at the exhibition features artwork by BAC members with over 20 years in the group, including Fielding Babb, Joyce Daniel and others.   Another wall displays the work of artists who have been with the BAC for under 20 years. 
One wall showcases work done by the Barbados Community College, which represents artists of the future.  There is also a wall for miniature paintings by various local artists. 

The show will run until December 3rd, 2016.

Now let us take a pic-tour of the opening night of the exhibition ... and this is only a smattering of the flood of photos.  However, you will definitely get a good idea of the incredible talent of member artists as well as the success of the event ... great turn-out!   

Sir Henry Fraser - Feature Speaker

Sir Henry Fraser and Neville Legall (Master of Ceremonies)

Neville Legall, Sir Henry Fraser and Kathy Yearwood (Guest Curator)

Sir Henry Fraser, Neville Legall and Sylvester Clarke (BAC President)

Sylvester Clarke and guest

Patricia Browne (in middle) and friends

Alison Chapman-Andrews (artist and former teacher) and Julie Seymour 

Kathy Yearwood and Rosemary Pilgrim (foreground) 

Jareed Burton, next to his painting - from the Barbados Community College
Background partial, Alex Daniel - Radio host & Councillor

BAC President, Sylvester Clarke and Dr. Raymond P. Maughan 

Artists: Larrie Belgrave, Virgil Broodhagen (son of late Karl Broodhagen) 
and Glenroy Jordon

Glenroy Jordon, Neville, Legall, Shade Payne, and National Cultural Foundation CEO & artist Rodney Ifill (in white) ... Enjoying refreshments!

Arts community supporters 

Maria Stanford and Audrey Bryan (Audrey B.)

Another wall displaying BAC artists ... membership under 20 years  

Once again special thanks to Patricia Browne, Kathy Yearwood; 
Dr. Raymond P. Maughan and Audrey Bryan (Audrey B.) for generously sharing their photo albums.  Though some names might not have been mentioned, appreciation goes out to many others who contributed to the success of the BAC's Independence Exhibition  'Barbados at 50'!

TrailSpots( T-Spots!) feels honored to have been invited to share in the celebrations within the Arts community and with Barbados!


Tuesday, 8 November 2016


The following extract is being shared from the Barbados Arts Council (BAC) website ...
It serves as an introduction to the second part of this feature post which highlights the Independence Exhibition put on by the Barbados Arts Council, as Barbados celebrates its 50th anniversary as an Independent Nation, on November 30th, 2016.
If you're an art enthusiast, you might want to send a request to the FB group 'Friends of Barbados Arts Council'.
The Barbados Arts Council was inaugurated on December 6th , 1957.   Hugh Springer, later Sir Hugh Springer, Governor General of Barbados was the first President and Chairperson.  The BAC was established as a non-governmental umbrella organisation for all the arts of Barbados.

At inauguration, representation was accorded the Barbados Arts Council in all the art forms - music, dance, drama, literature, the visual arts and other forms of artistic expression.
BAC aims were to promote, support and develop all the arts. For many years it remained the central cultural organization and acted as the link between Government and the community in matters pertaining to the arts. The BAC served the Barbados art community in this capacity for over 20 years.

Over the years, the dynamics on the island have changed and other government agencies have taken responsibility for some aspects.
Nevertheless, after 56 years, the BAC still holds a “place of prominence” on the Barbados art scene.

Though there are more galleries and other venues that now exhibit art works, there is a place for the Barbados Arts Council, perhaps more than ever.  Member artists are encouraged to show their work irrespective of their competence or perceived status in the local art community. 

The BAC exhibition policy allows for new artists to
participate in the same group shows as any recognised professional; a practice that allows young artists to benefit from the guidance and advice of their more experienced colleagues. 

The Gallery at Pelican Village is still a significant exhibition space to the visual arts scene in Barbados.
The current Barbados Arts Council (BAC) Executive Members
Back row: Markley Clarke, Alan Ashby (Honorary treasurer), Raymond Maughan (2nd VP), Rasheed Boodhoo (Immediate past president), Neville Legall (1st VP) 
Middle row: Larrie Belgrave, Glenroy Jordon Wayne Collymore-Taylor, Maria Stanford (asst. secretary)
Front row: Alex Daniel, Sylvester Clarke (President) Patricia Browne (honorary secretary)

'... BAC still holds a place of prominence ...'

Special thanks go out to Artist, Patricia Browne, who has been a friend, contributor and collaborator on TrailSpots for some time. This Independence Exhibition feature is another one of our collaborations.
We would also like to express sincere appreciation Kathy Yearwood, Guest Curator for BAC's Independence Exhibition.  This is Kathy Yearwood's second appearance on TrailSpots, the first being about her founding of 'The Festival Art Gallery' and its mobile nature in Barbados.
We convey our thanks Dr. Raymond P. Maughan for granting permission to use his album which features the work of artists who participated in BAC's  Independence Exhibition, 2016.  Dr. Maughan is a photographic artist who has won national awards for his excellent work and who has just had his own "mind-boggling" show at BAC.
The many artists who have contributed to the success of the exhibition by submitting their work must be recognised. Unfortunately, they cannot all be shared in our two-part feature, but what is shared certainly gives a clear sense of the creative energy of such talented individuals.  Thanks for your creations.

What follows in this introduction is undeniably what the Barbados Arts Council upholds in its exhibition policy ... 'Member artists are encouraged to show their work irrespective of their competence or perceived status in the local art community.'  
The guidance of recognized professionals is readily available to up and coming artists.

Once again the display of art-work featured here, including the cover photo, are selections from the album of Raymond P. Maughan.  We are honored to be able to share it in this space and by extension, with our international followers and readers.
Let's have an introductory look as we prepare to mix and mingle (in Part 2) with members and guests at the BAC Independence Exhibition as Barbados turns 50!

Part 2 will be coming right up!

Sunday, 6 November 2016


Hello folks ... hang on a sec!  We're heading back to Bim in a bit, but ...

Just before we head back to Barbados for a peek at the beginning of the Independence celebrations with the Barbados Arts Council, we pause to introduce Featured Post 8 ... the Green Market, Santa Cruz, Trinidad.
It's all in the side bar and includes a direct link to Part 1.
Catch the link to Part 2  right here if you wish @

Oh ... almost forgot!  There's a Part 3 and it's all about real chocolate and then some!  Find it here @  
It's one of those spaces that keeps calling you back, as the surrounding community shows off its best work on week-ends.

Chow and drinks to go !

Read about some of the great offerings at the GMSC in Parts 1, 2 and 3.  It's all natural and of course, it's another favorite spot, right here at home!


Saturday, 22 October 2016


Featured post 7 'The Festival Art Gallery ...' takes us to Barbados.  
Read about the Gallery as it moves culture around the island, highlighting the works of various artists.  This post was shared in late 2014 and it is a timely feature as Barbados prepares to celebrate its 50th Anniversary as an Independent Nation.

Of course, we will be bring you some highlights, this time with the courtesy of the Barbados Arts Council as it continues to keep culture alive. Look out for it!

As usual the featured post is linked in the side-bar grille or you can just pick it up right here ...

Relive the experience and enjoy!


Sunday, 9 October 2016


One of several Cancer Awareness activities took place in the southern city of  San Fernando, Trinidad, on 8th October.

TrailSpots and friends were on the ground.  The route covered approximately 5 km. on the outskirts of the city, starting and ending at Skinner Park, a long-time sporting and all-purpose venue.
Main sponsors, ScotiaBank Women Against Breast Cancer,  Trinidad and Tobago, were supported by Yoplait, Petrotrin and others.  Rain hampered the usual large turn out in San Fernando, but many die-hards showed up to participate.  

Let's take a quick pic-tour* of the walk. 

Continue to support cancer awareness and action in big ways and small.  Many, if not all of us, have been touched by cancer in way or another.  Beyond October the worldwide push for a cure continues, but never fail to take personal responsibility, and with guidance and wisdom, explore the abundance of options that are out there. Act now ... pass it on!

Information is only a click away and you can begin right here ...   
and here ... 

Here we support those who have fought and lost; those who have fought and won ... those who are still fighting.

Stay tuned for more October highlights from local and regional Breast Cancer Awareness events.

* All photos in this post were taken by TrailSpots(T-Spots!)


Sunday, 2 October 2016


We continue to feature our special posts on TrailSpots(T-Spots!) in the side-bar grille.  Of course all our spots are special in one way or another!  Remember to check the list below the featured post for any that you might have missed.

Feature 6 takes us to Saland, Switzerland, where a Nesta, a T-Spot! friend and fan, resides.  This post is her poetic contribution to our trail back in 2014.  Such a beautiful space and undeniably inspiring!

If you get to Switzerland any time, be sure to take a nature-filled stroll.  Smell the roses!
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A Rose in Saland




Guys just wanna have fun ... right?   Last week-end, one of our trail-spotters, AG and some friends, went on a fun rally trail sponsor...