Friday, 3 March 2017


The long Carnival week-end and week in Trinidad and Tobago has ended ... 

However, when it comes to pre-Carnival or post-Carnival fun, many Trinbagonians head to the sea-side for some rest and relaxation.

The east coast of Trinidad along the Manzanilla coastal stretch is a popular R&R spot.  Here the Atlantic Ocean water is rough and the winds are forceful.   At high tide the waves crash against the sea-wall and you have to hold on to the safety rails or get blown away! This expansive body of water leaves no doubt about its sheer power, no matter how many sea-walls are built.   Then, as the tide ebbs, we're granted permission to stroll along the sandy shore. What a transformation! 

Many holiday makers camp-out for a day or days by the sea-side. Some go fishing in the mangrove and rivers; some just hang out at the beach facilities; some dive in the rough waters; some binge on drinks and food ... some take lots of pics!!  Emergency health services can be seen along the road as well ... just in case!

The water is not the crystal clear blue that is often associated with Caribbean beaches.  This might be due to the oil rig activity further south along the east coast off Guayaguayare Pt. ... but the bathers do not seem to mind!

It's always a great family and friends time!  The 'beach-lime' remains among the top favorite activities on week-ends or holidays throughout the island.  Locals and visitors alike take full advantage of the abundance of public beaches all around the island, setting up tents, umbrellas, beach chairs, card tables, barbeque grills and whatever else is needed for their rustic outdoor comfort!
Some opt for beach houses while others rough it among the coconut groves that spread along the eastern shore line.  Either way, the ocean is just a few steps away. 
Here we share a quick-pic-tour* of our road-trip to Manzanilla Beach and the beach-side stretch where all of the above could be seen. Look out for Manzanilla Point - a land mass jutting out in the distance.  You won't miss 'Fisherman's Perch' - a solid concrete structure next to a roadside bridge where holiday fishermen sit and  cast their rods hoping for the best!

The dark clouds overhead rolled in just like the ocean waves, but soon the sun came shining through again.  It was a perfect blend of shade, sunshine, wind, waves, happy holiday people and lots of coconut trees!  
Wonderful T-Spot!

*All photos were taken by the #TrailSpots team.

Just push the shrub aside a little and the sign says ...  

Manzanilla Beach Facilities




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