Tuesday, 30 August 2016


I have to say that we are all loving the 'featured posts' gadget addition, based on its popularity among visitors to T-Spots! 

Our fourth featured post 'Cruising Into And Around Grand Turk ...' linked in the side-bar grille, takes us to Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands!   
It was first published in Dec. of 2012, among the very early posts of a brand new TrailSpots(T-Spots!) blog, but it had already been featured in a section of our sister blog @ spatrail.blogspot.com where it received close to 200 visits.   How time flies ... and a great post remains a great post!
It's a throwback to my days at the Community College, Grand Turk Campus, in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Lots of memories there and I'm sure that some things have changed, but I'm also pretty sure that much remains the same in GT!  
The salt ponds, for instance, are truly historical sites from an era when salt was a main export from the islands.   You will see some of them in the feature. 

People are amazed when they hear that you can do a quick spin around the entire island in under an hour.  However, if you're on a leisurely trail, then you just have to stop and step into a few watering holes, like the Sand Bar (if it's still there!) or right into the real sea-water which is only steps away no matter where you go!

Looking over the edge at North Base ... and yes, this is the true color of the water!

So take the cruise/trail with T-Spots and enjoy the sights.  Maybe one of these days your yacht or jet might be sailing into or landing in the capital of the TCI, Grand Turk!  If you happen to be a diving enthusiast, then this is your spot!

Facing the Atlantic Ocean  ...
I had no idea back then, where this pic would show up!

Cruise over to the side-bar grille or jump in right here ... http://www.trailspots.com/2012/12/cruising-into-and-around-grand.html ... and enjoy this memory with me!


Thursday, 25 August 2016

THE FOUNDATION SPOT 1... The 'F Spot', Barbados, in Flight

'T-Spots' goes to the 'F Spot' for the 'One Movement Invitational Skate-boarding Competition'!

We're shifting gears to bring you an outdoor skate-boarding teaser from Graeme Hall, Christ Church, Barbados.  This will be followed by much more about 'The Foundation Spot' (The F Spot') and an upcoming invitational event being organised by 'The One Movement Invitational' just a few days away (find the OMI link in our side-bar-grille).  Local skate-boarders will be showing off their styles and skills and so will the visiting competitors!

The 'F Spot' was founded by Adrian 'Easy B' Bowen  about seven years ago.  
Adrian is an avid Barbadian skateboarder and businessman who moved this community project from a bushy space to a planned space with initial wooden obstacles, then to a community hub with more permanent and durable concrete structures.   There's more to come as the spot expands.
He applauds the community vibe that is unmistakable.  Everyone pitches in to bring  the 'F Spot' to the standard that really challenges all the groups and individuals that flock to this action space.  
Skate-boarders are always on the spot, honing their skills ... and that's the idea!  

So as we await more about the rise of the 'F Spot' and fresh footage from the up-coming event on 28th August, 2016,  check out their FB page @

and catch a few pics from J.E., a female skate-boarding enthusiast in Barbados. Thanks J.E.!  

Don't forget to visit the OMI FB page from right here @ 
or their website @ 
or in our side-bar spot-lights, for more skateboarding action in the Caribbean!  
The event might even be streamed live at their FB site.  Stay tuned!

We look forward to learning more about the 'F Spot's' growing recreational community venture, as well as more great pics of the skate-boarders in action and possibly a live stream of the event from OMI.
Come to the 'F Spot'!

Please note:  Photos above submitted by J.E. Browne

UPDATE!  Allan Arma from Gaudeloupe emerged as the winner at the OMISC!

Post competition pic from Sun. 28th Aug. 2016.  Great crew!
Look out for the video of the event!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


The new 'Feature Post' gadget in the side-bar seems to be quite a hit.   My guess is that, in our case, it takes you back to earlier posts that many visitors, old and new, might have missed.  So here's a chance to catch up!

We will feature a 'new' post every two weeks, so look out for some oldies and goodies on the trail.  
Feature Post 3 is 'Florence in a Flash' ... a quick spin around the city that's on the bucket list of so many travellers.
Remember that we would love to hear from you on the post page, especially those of you who have been there!    
And if you happen to be on Google+, there's a whole lot more ... it's the hub spot! 

Check it out in the side-bar grille ... click and go!  Here's a pic or two as you hit the trail!   
Muoviamoci!  Italy!

Cruising ...

The Duomo of Florence - dedicated to Santa Maria del Flore; front view


Saturday, 13 August 2016


We're on the trail at Nylon Pool, Bucco Reef, Tobago, with Frankie's Tours!
Get there and get in ... that's the whole point!  Right?

Well, T-Spotters know that pics make for a great post ... and since you might not get to the pool, we bring the pool to you. 

The engines are revving up and it's time to move out.  The cool, crystal clear water is calling your name!  All on deck!
Some vacationers splash around in the shallows at nearby No Man's Land. The mainland seems to grow smaller and smaller in the distance.   
The glass-bottom, double-decker boats cut through the wind, circling and swaying.  There're some mossy rocks just below too! The music is sweet, sweet!  Sunlight dazzles!  The water waves and splashes; foams and bounces.  The sandy floor is inviting.  The boat slows to a drift ... and we're there!

Look around, jump in and enjoy the sun-soaked Nylon Pool ! 

Top of the deck to you!!

P.S.: All photos were taken by A. Gabriel 


Thursday, 11 August 2016


Cover pic:  The engines at work on one of Frankie's tour boats! 

This week-end TrailSpots (T-Spots!) takes a pic-tour of a very popular spot in Tobago.
Water, water everywhere!  Come on over ... and in!
We'll be right back!

Glass bottom tour boats on the move in Tobago!
Photo courtesy A. Gabriel


Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Our second feature post is in the side-bar grille!  
Look for 'The Toco Spot - Part 2' ... the big silver lighthouse.  
It's a great read that takes you on an adventure to the north-east tip of the island of Trinidad ... and on a clear day you can see Tobago.

These two got soaked by a wave that slammed into the rocks at the edge where Atlantic Ocean meets Toco! Didn't see it coming!   Splash!!

Trail-spotters ... A. and T. 





Guys just wanna have fun ... right?   Last week-end, one of our trail-spotters, AG and some friends, went on a fun rally trail sponsor...