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Catch Part 1 of the Barbados Arts Council (BAC) Independence Exhibition feature, right here ... 

The Barbados Arts Council (BAC) has been in existence for the past 59 years.  Next year we will celebrate 60 years as an organization.  We have made a valuable contribution to the arts in Barbados.

As part of our Independence Celebration,we are hosting an Independence Exhibition "Barbados at 50".  It show-cases BAC artists of the past, present and future.

The event opened on October 30th, 2016, with a gathering of artists, members and invited guests.  It was well attended. 

The opening speaker was Sir Henry Fraser who is a medical doctor, a historian, a former senator, an orator and an artist.  He spoke of the importance of art in Barbados and the Caribbean. 
Kathy Yearwood was the Guest Curator.

The red wall and the white wall, highlights of the exhibition, pay tribute to the work of pioneer members of the BAC, such as Goldie White, Karl Broodhagen, Maurice Drakes, Norma Talma, Aileen Hamilton, Maurice Drakes and others.  

Let's take a look at the red wall and the white wall, along with a little history ...

First on the red wall is 'Trace of Life' is by Norma Talma (mother and two children).

'Young Woman' (upper left) is by Goldie White, who was one of the founding members of the BAC. 

Lower left (in black and white) is 'Mother & Child' by Aileen Hamilton.

Upper right, is Oscar Walke's 'Fruit Seller'.

Lower right is 'Nina' by Karl Broodhagen.  Karl Broodhagen was a master sculptor, painter, ceramic artist, teacher.  He designed the Emancipation Statute, known to Barbadians as 'The Bussa Statue'. 

Moving on ...

 At the top on the white wall is 'Excursion' by Maurice Drakes.

In the middle is "Newton Mill" by Kathleen Hamilton.  

Below that is Oliver Barnelle's "Fontabelle". It is a historical record of Fontablle as there is no longer a beach there. That beach land was reclaimed and is now part of Bridgetown.

Other walls ...
One of the main walls at the exhibition features artwork by BAC members with over 20 years in the group, including Fielding Babb, Joyce Daniel and others.   Another wall displays the work of artists who have been with the BAC for under 20 years. 
One wall showcases work done by the Barbados Community College, which represents artists of the future.  There is also a wall for miniature paintings by various local artists. 

The show will run until December 3rd, 2016.

Now let us take a pic-tour of the opening night of the exhibition ... and this is only a smattering of the flood of photos.  However, you will definitely get a good idea of the incredible talent of member artists as well as the success of the event ... great turn-out!   

Sir Henry Fraser - Feature Speaker

Sir Henry Fraser and Neville Legall (Master of Ceremonies)

Neville Legall, Sir Henry Fraser and Kathy Yearwood (Guest Curator)

Sir Henry Fraser, Neville Legall and Sylvester Clarke (BAC President)

Sylvester Clarke and guest

Patricia Browne (in middle) and friends

Alison Chapman-Andrews (artist and former teacher) and Julie Seymour 

Kathy Yearwood and Rosemary Pilgrim (foreground) 

Jareed Burton, next to his painting - from the Barbados Community College
Background partial, Alex Daniel - Radio host & Councillor

BAC President, Sylvester Clarke and Dr. Raymond P. Maughan 

Artists: Larrie Belgrave, Virgil Broodhagen (son of late Karl Broodhagen) 
and Glenroy Jordon

Glenroy Jordon, Neville, Legall, Shade Payne, and National Cultural Foundation CEO & artist Rodney Ifill (in white) ... Enjoying refreshments!

Arts community supporters 

Maria Stanford and Audrey Bryan (Audrey B.)

Another wall displaying BAC artists ... membership under 20 years  

Once again special thanks to Patricia Browne, Kathy Yearwood; 
Dr. Raymond P. Maughan and Audrey Bryan (Audrey B.) for generously sharing their photo albums.  Though some names might not have been mentioned, appreciation goes out to many others who contributed to the success of the BAC's Independence Exhibition  'Barbados at 50'!

TrailSpots( T-Spots!) feels honored to have been invited to share in the celebrations within the Arts community and with Barbados!




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