Wednesday, 30 September 2015

'TRINIS' IN HAWAII ... No T-Shirt!

Some close cousins spent a several days in Hawaii on a family vacation.  A trip to Koloa and Honolulu to be exact, was on the holiday schedule. 
I did not get a t-shirt ... but I think this is way better.  They shared with me a video story by Shanade Beharry courtesy Google photos, which they consented to share with me and you.  Something a little different!

The time spans about seven days and you get a peek into some of the sights, activities and family time that they enjoyed.   Some popular spots are also highlighted.

Hawaii is on my list and one day soon for sure, I'll be there ... on the ground!   It just might be on your list too!

For now,  let us take a little video trip to Hawaii with my Trini family!    
Click and go ... just follow the arrow!

Zoom in for a closer look where you can!

'Trini' cousins in Hawaii ... Chocolate baby!

Thank you Shanade ... you're an honorary trail-spotter!

T- Spots!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

LUNAR ECLIPSE ... From The South

No ... the trail-spotters did not get anywhere near the moon last night, but we did have a telescope!
Here's what we saw of the lunar eclipse from south Trinidad. Wonderful sight!  Humbling too ...  

... and here's what just came in from Ottawa, Canada!
Red moon eclipse in the distance Taken at Ottawa City Hall building; Sunday Sept 27, at about 10:30 p.m.

T- Spots!

Sunday, 20 September 2015


There was no way that the trail-spotters were going to miss the Chocolate Festival at GMSC!
We have already shared two energizing posts about the Green Market in Santa Cruz (GMSC), with contact information @

This third post was totally unplanned and came about only because of that first visit which brought news of the Chocolate Festival.

Now you and I get to take another leisurely stroll through the green market together.   Yes indeed, the focus of the festival was chocolate, chocolate, chocolate ... from bean to bar, but the usual booths were also there.  It was the best of both worlds!   

So, today's post will highlight the signs and sights of this special occasion and you can always visit the previous posts (links above), to get a sense of all that the Green Market in Santa Cruz, has to offer.  Remember that links to their main pages are in those posts.

It is truly a green haven tucked into the Santa Cruz hills of North Trinidad.  The people of the community buzz around and within it. Visitors come from near and far to savor the market's offerings.
Everybody leaves with something good and green.
This natural week-end community hub is definitely going places!

Come!  Take a stroll through the cocoa/chocolate stalls and be inspired by nature and its natural gifts to us.

                       Cocoa and Chocolate all the way!

Remember that tin grater for making sweet chocolate tea?

Cocoa Nibs To Go!  

Young business'women'
with my jar of Organic Cocoa Butter!

... and a few of many other goodies!

Natural Hand-crafted Jewelry by Jillian

Healing Crystals with David Young:  Lapis Lazuli for me, in the fore jar

Pineapple chow in the making!

Huge Shaddock?

Fuchsia Anthurium Lily handed over to Gabby by 'Joe'
Thank you for the treats Green Market, Santa Cruz!


Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Coming up next ...  another visit to the Green Market, Santa Cruz.   All the usual and unusual goodies were on spot, plus ... chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! 

I'm still crunching on some cocoa nib brittles!   Stay tuned!




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