Wednesday, 29 July 2015


The beach-combing adventure of 'Gone Green Grenada' would be incomplete without a glimpse at Denise's 'Mermaid Tears Collection'.  Necklaces, wind-chimes and other creations are included in this collection.

Here is a sample display of the transformation that sea-glass undergoes when creative hands and heart set the vision for a particular piece.   It is a labor of love as you will see.  Also displayed is my special gift from 'Gone Green'. 

Enjoy these creations from nature and Denise to you!  It is a beautiful collection.  
Remember that you can request customized pieces by contacting Denise Phillip @  473-415-4507.

My special gift from 'Gone Green'

Gifts From Nature
Find 'Gone Green' @ Facebook page  

The shop is located on the north end of Grand Anse Beach at the Craft and Spice Market, store 11.

Enjoy these gifts that are created by the sea and crafted by Denise Phillip at 'Gone Green'!  

Denise and Angela,Trail Spots (T-Spots!) thank you for taking us along on your beach-combing adventure.

Denise and Angela

Monday, 27 July 2015


"The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or too impatient.  One should lie empty, open, choice-less as a beach ... waiting for a gift from the sea." (Anne Morrow Lindbergh) 
The shorelines of Grenada ... great beach-combing spots  

We here at 'Gone Green' Grenada (Denise Phillip and Angela Vanderhoorn, co-creators), take great pride in providing natural gifts for our customers. 
We are especially excited about our sea-glass creations. 

Denise and Angela pose for pic
Seaglass are pieces of broken glass smoothed by the sea, sand and time.  But today seaglass is a rare find.  It takes a lot of patience and time to find these rare gems. 
Summertime in Grenada is a time to relax.  The schools are out and children play on the beach.  Locals from abroad return home for a visit. 'Limin' is a word used here in Grenada, to describe how we relax. 'Limin' was how Angie and Denise bonded our friendship many years ago.  We love to comb the beach looking for nature's gifts that wash up on the shoreline.  

Denise ... collecting sea-glass on the sand ...

... and in the water

Denise gets some assistance ...?
Combing the beach takes a lot of work and patience. We look for our treasures both in the sand and in the water. You can visit the same beach over and over, but with time the sea will give up differently.  So much depends on the weather, tide and currents. 

Sea-glass is a big part of the 'Gone Green' business. We are always looking to find the very best quality. We look for 2 types of sea-glass - Jewelry and Craft quality. 
Jewelry quality is the hardest to find.  The piece of sea-glass must be evenly frosted and smooth.  It should have rounded corners and no chips or visible defects.  Common colors are green, brown and white.  Reds, oranges, yellows and any other colors are considered rare finds.  Black sea-glass is considered to be very old.  
Craft quality should be evenly frosted, but they have defects on both sides or distinct angular edges. These pieces work well for making craft items. 

Here's a sample of what we found on our recent beach-combing expedition ...

Some unusual finds ... old frosted white medicine bottle;
big round blue and green chunks; lots of marbles
Shades of blue
Black sea-glass is considered to be quite old

Frosty bottle-necks

Denise Phillip is Jewelry Designer as well as store owner.  
After finding our treasures, Denise carefully selects her raw materials and turns them into a one of a kind piece of artwork.  
Her finest sea-glass jewelry is featured in her 'Mermaid Tears Collection'. 
Denise also makes wind-chimes, picture mosaics and many more home decor gift items. She also makes customized jewelry and gift ideas that fit your needs. 

Stop by 'Gone Green' and browse through our unique, natural gift items.  
'Gone Green' is located on the north end of Grand Anse Beach at the Craft and Spice Market, store 11. 

You may also call Denise at 473-415-4507 and she can arrange a time to meet with you or talk with you and help you choose the right sea-glass creations. 

Find us on Facebook at 'Gone Green Grenada'  ...

There's more!  Part 2 coming right up!


Monday, 13 July 2015

A.I.M. FOR 'HARDCORE CARIBBEAN' 2015 ... (Revised)

Just a quick reminder ... 'Hardcore Caribbean' 2015 is almost here; October 2015. 
Our A.I.M. Citizens and Warriors will be ready to go into battle! 

Now, you might be inclined to ask "How did a 'gym' become a trail-spot?"  The answer to that question is that 'A.I.M. is not a gym; it is a community."

This is a place full of good energy.  People of all shapes, sizes and abilities, come together, to keep a commitment to themselves.  That commitment is to attain and maintain a state of physical health and discipline, mental focus, psychological wellness and even spiritual encouragement.  No effort goes unapplauded.  
There is a lot of activity at time and then there is quietness sometimes.  Many have called the studio, " a home away from home".  I certainly do.  

It is a space where persons learn to manage their own health programs, because of the vast experience, qualifications, passion and insistence of its founder, D. Lang. .  The studio is also affiliated with other health professionals whose input is sought as needs arise.
A.I.M., acronym for 'Athlete In Me' is the realized dream of an individual who wants others to manifest their own dreams, from health to wealth.  
A.I.M.'s motto/question is 'What's your target?' 
Around this time especially, all those who are willing and able to take on the challenge will answer that question with "Hardcore Caribbean!"  The team is a force to be reckoned with!  

Frequent visitors to 'Trail Spots (T-Spots!)  will know that we are avid followers of  'Hardcore Caribbean'.  One of our 'T-Spots' crew has been participating in the military-style event for a few years ... so obviously we are huge fans of 'Hardcore Caribbean'.  It's a hot spot!

Take a peek at some of the on-site training that never stops at AIM Fitness Studio.  There is a pic link to the AIM spot in the side-bar. Check it out for more action.
A whole lot of sweat and tears that takes place on and off-site as well.  The AIM Hardcore team trains anywhere and anytime; rain or shine!

Here we go to the roof-top of the studio for a sample!  D. Lang. rolls that tractor tyre up the stairs and the ladies follow.  
As you'll see, those monkey bars swing you into some amazing power positions.  Even heavy chunks of coconut tree trunks get you pumping!
Awesome moves every which way!  
Let's get moving!

Athlete In Me:  A. I. M.

Click for more 'Hardcore' inspiration from the source ...

Stay tuned!


Sunday, 5 July 2015


'The Festival Art Gallery' was formed in 2009 by Kathy Yearwood and Arlette St. Hill.  
It is a mobile gallery displaying the work of more than fifty Barbadian artists. 

The activities and paintings in this post give an idea of the sweat and pride that accompany the work of the organizers and the artists who contribute to the Gallery.  It also attempts to capture the mobility, variety and liveliness of 'The Festival Art Gallery'.

The idea came about because of the lack of space for artists of all levels to showcase their work. It was also a way to take art to the locals who might not normally be exposed to art galleries.

It all started when Kathy found herself in England with her husband who was the deputy High Commissioner.  Unable to work at that time, she decided to promote Barbadian artists in England.

She would return to Barbados periodically, collect art from Barbados and then return to England where she would show Barbadian artists' work at her home, at the Barbados High Commission, in galleries or any location she could find.

Art enthusiasts enjoy the exhibition and ambience at the'Art Splash Gallery'

Paintings on display at the 'Art Splash Gallery'

What follows is a sample mix of the rustic outdoor 'buzz' that is 'The (Mobile) Festival Art Gallery', in Barbados.  They are everywhere!

'Festival Arts Gallery' tent in front of the Bank of Nova Scotia,  Bridgetown, during City Fest.; part of the Crop Over Festival

Kathy Yearwood
Kathy Yearwood and Patricia Browne setting up the gallery 'walls' 

Patricia Browne

 'Market Scene' by Andy Pierce

Lorna Wilson proudly displays one of her paintings.

Kathy and Lorna chatting under the 'Festival ...' tent 

Kathy Yearwood is making an artistic point ...
Kathy now runs the mobile Gallery, assisted by Patricia.  The Festival Gallery is set up every Saturday at the Hastings Farmers’ Market which is situated at the Art Splash Gallery. 
Here there are art classes, farmers' market, a cafe and an inside gallery that is rented weekly to different artists and groups.

Patricia Browne (left) and a visitor from Venezuala, in the Gallery tent
The Festival Art Gallery's idea of mobility, of accessibility, of exposure; of bringing the art to the people is quite refreshing. It creates an avenue for cultural expression that meets people where they are and encourages them to nurture that expression.

'The Festival Art Gallery' can also be found at most festivals and many other events in Barbados. These include 'The Holetown Festival','Oistins Fish Festival', 'The Bridgetown Crop Over Festival' , as well as events such as various flower shows at Balls Plantation and many more locations around Barbados. 

Contacts for more information: 

patriciabrownebarbados@outlook .com
Phone: 1-246-436-9776

Thank you for sharing this very interesting venture Kathy and Patricia; a slice of Barbados!  
If you're already there or planning a trip to Barbados any time soon, be sure to locate and visit this spot; 'The Festival Art Gallery'.  Purchases are always welcome, of course!
Support the local artists and the authentic artistic culture of Barbados!




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