Tuesday, 26 May 2015


A fellow blogger shares one of her passions, which can blossom into a thriving small business.  
Here's the story behind 'Dis & Dat Creations' with Cindy Mckenzie (short version!), from Cindy herself. 

I am writing this post sitting on my bench under a Neem tree. 

It all started during a conversation over lunch, with long time friends visiting from Canada.  Cooking is another passion of mine. 
And so, sharing food, friendship, catching up a little bit after several years, sharing ideas, the suggestion to try some planters, now catches me rummaging through garbage; scanning my surroundings;  asking people everywhere I go, if I could have their empty containers, cartons,  bottles, and sometimes even pulling up by the roadside to pick up some stray something that my eyes spotted. 
But  most interestingly, it has me looking at waste items with a new pair of creative eyes. 
I wish I could  actually reuse all parts of those troublesome plastic bottles, containers, milk cartons etc., in my creating process. In doing so I believe that I  am making my own small contribution to slowing down the wasteful disposal process, that is wreaking with our environment.

So I did some research. I experimented a little bit. And everyday, I retreat to the dusty downstairs of my home, measuring, sifting and, mixing up. There's music on the radio or in my head; I'm singing along, and doing my thing.

And as hubby says (and I really can’t stand clich├ęs), but when I am there, in my space, I am truly, in the whole sense of the words, “as happy as pig in shit.” When I look at an empty water bottle, I see a palm flourishing in it.   I look at a juice carton, and I see a cactus standing tall and thorny or toothbrushes leaning up against each other.  I look at an old wash basin and I see succulents spreading out and taking roots.  I look at this and I see that.  Take dis and make dat.  Hence the name  - 'Dis & Dat Creations'.
I gave away lots of samples. I gave, gave, gave. Someone once said to me, “One day you go give away your arse and shit through your mouth.” 
Sometimes I worry it might come true, but it’s all part of what makes me who I am. And I give to people whom I figure will appreciate my creations ... people who will 'get it'.  I call it my kind-spirited advertising strategy.

My first little reward was on Saturday 16th, may, 2015.  My display was part of the Bazaar during the Chocolate Festival events at the Dodgy Dock Restaurant based at True Blue Bay Resort, in True Blue, St George's, Grenada.

I made the decision to showcase some of my creations, at the Bazaar.   Here are some treasures from my display.

No, it didn’t come with lots of sales or big orders or anything like that, but with some very positive and encouraging comments.  And not from many, but from the ones who 'get it'. And that’s enough right now ... it can only get better.

As I write,  sitting on my bench under the Neem tree; Neem flowers fall in the cocoa plant beside me.  

Neem pods and flowers, next to a potted cocoa plant
They even fall into my lap and an idea settles with them, right on my lap.
I look at the flat dry beans from that very stubborn weed in the garden and just so ... ideas flowing for so!

'Dis & Dat Creations' is so Zen!

Simple ...

Cindy Mckenzie,
 creator of  'Dis & Dat Creations

You can visit Cindy's site  @  
and her blog for the full post
Here are also some links related to the Grenada Chocolate Festival .

Thanks for sharing Cindy!  Trail on over to 'Dis & Dat Creations' with Cindy Mckenzie!  


Sunday, 24 May 2015


Hello again Trail Spotters!  We're down to the final ' ... Deep South ...' post in the series and it's your turn.

Remember we're at the the south-western 'handle' of Trinidad and very close to Venezuela.  Check out the first post in this 3-part series to see the map of the 'handle'.   If you look at the expanded views of some of the pics in this post and previous, you should be able to see a dim, distant, partial outline of the Venezuelan coast. 
Brief captions have been provided. 

In this final post in the series, you get to 'pick your pic'!   Just scroll, zoom in and 'pick your pic'!
Look out for 'The Three Sisters' in Columbus Bay; they are impressive!

Let's roll and scroll Trail Spotters and let us know which is your pick!  We would love to hear from you!

Statue o the Virgin Mary and Child

Community park 

Gazing and grazing ...

 Cows grazing among the coconut trees and vegetation

One section of the extensive wet-lands

Gated coconut estate

Private property; no trespassing!

Old coconut trees have been taken by the tided; the stumps are next;
standing like spikes all along the shore

More signs of rapid erosion; spikes in the sand. 
 Venezuelan coastline in the distance

Estate entrance on the beach, blocked by fallen coconut tree trunks

Rocks and trunks provide temporary relief from rapid erosion

A circle of erosion 

All smiles and selfies on the sand

'Three Sisters'  Columbus Bay

Low tide ripples in the sand

A corbeau, aka buzzard, combing for food

Corbeau and hawk ... 'beach-combing'
Back to base as other visitors roll in

A last look ...

Please note that all photos were taken by the Trail Spots team, in May 2015.


Saturday, 23 May 2015


We continued to push further south, heading towards Icacos and Columbus Bay.  

This time we'll let the pics do the talking. 
There was so much to take in!  So many coconut estates; animals grazing in-between the trees; many earthen trails leading to the sea; a cattle farm; vegetation gone wild; old time in-land rigs still pumping oil and oh! ... the picturesque wet-lands stretching out of sight! 
Impressive  houses, churches, mosques; the beaches showing signs of massive erosion; coconut tree stumps for miles;  the 'Three Sisters just off shore'; fish that succumbed to some kind of water pollution or the victims of fishing activities; evidence of oil sediments.  Lots of rocks and people just hanging out by the sea ... the list goes on! 

But, see for yourself!  
The sequence is somewhat random for the very reason that we were in new territory and there were so many pics to be taken as we rolled through.
Do have a good look and get a sense of the areas; those who know these parts, as well as those who do not.  We highlight the coconut estates, the beaches, the wet-lands and some other sites of interest.
In spite of the coastal erosion concerns, the area is literally a breath of fresh air!  

Remember to click on the pics for expanded views.  Let's roll Trail Spotters! 

One more to go ... with 'Deep South ...'.




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