Sunday, 15 March 2015


One pic ... 
Sunset from Sandy Point, Tobago.  Spectacular!  Magical!  Perfect!
This is the team's pick for the blog's current cover photo.  The photo is one of many taken by a 'T-Spot' member.  Easy win! 

If you're in Sandy Point, Tobago, at sunset, look out for this masterpiece ... or something close to it.  If you're in Tobago at the upcoming 'Tobago Jazz Experience', look out for a stunning sunset like this one! 

Sunset from Sandy Point, Tobago


Sunday, 8 March 2015


The side-bar grille has a life of its own; scroll from top to bottom ... you'll see everything from Google followers to Koi energy!

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We have two feature links in the side-bar, 'IN THE SPOTLIGHT' so far:  
'A Tribute to the late Mott Green ...' founder of the Grenada Chocolate Company.  Trail Spots (T-Spots!) followed the voyages and log of the Tres Hombres, from Grenada to Europe, for some time.  Very interesting experiences! 


'Pan Elders Steel Orchestra', Champions of the the Panorama Medium Band Category for Panorama 2015, Trinidad and Tobago. 

Look out for more 'IN THE SPOTLIGHT', on  the side-bar grille real soon! 


Sunday, 1 March 2015


There is always an interesting story behind a small business, especially when it's about bringing a dream to life.   After the story, things falls into place; you have 'met' someone new; been somewhere new!
This story takes place in Bequia.  Where is Bequia?

  1. Bequia is the second largest island in the Grenadines at 7 square miles. It is part of the country of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is approximately 15 kilometres from the nation's capital, Kingstown, on the main island, Saint Vincent.   Information source: Wikipedia
Find Bequai's location:

The Island of Bequia
Meet Kareem.  His full name is Bertino Doyle and he is from Montrose in St. Vincent.  He grew up in Bequia. 

Bertino Doyle
Since his childhood days he loved fishing and fishes.  This is the source of his inspiration as a self-taught  crafts-man and artist.  He has not attended college or university at any point in his life.  This has in no way prevented him from becoming an excellent craftsman artist. 

Kareem in the workshop

Display corner

Kareem started his trade at the age of ten years.  He had owned many aquariums which also provided inspiration, when he was not in the sea.
He paints flowers, landscapes and seascapes and he obviously has a strong preference for the latter.  

Seascape ...  work in progress ...

This seascape painting is on someone's wall ... abroad!
He also produces carvings from and on driftwood and bone which he gets from his environment.  Have a look ...

Driftwood with whale and dolphin carvings
Driftwood with whale and squid and carvings.  
An outline of Bequia can be seen on the bottom right 
of the driftwood. 

The natural details of a whale's vertebrae serve as canvas for squid and whale carvings

Bertino 'Kareem' Doyle, craftsman artist at your service, in Bequia!

Kareem does not work out of any formal structure or building, such as a craft market.  His place of business is the great outdoors!  He can be located on the waterfront at Admirality Bay, Bequia.  All the locals know Kareem ... just ask!

If you would like to chat with Kareem; have a closer look at his artistic work or maybe even place an order for these beautifully crafted authentic pieces, Kareem may be contacted at 
Tel. no. 1-784-491-5866

Kareem's place ... natural inspiration!

 Special thanks go out to Leslie Mulraine who initiated this process when he posted some pieces of Kareem's work in the Facebook group 'Caribbean Cultural Vibrations' (CCV).   
Leslie's contact in Bequia, Guinell, assisted him in getting our message to Kareem.  He agreed to contribute to one of three free ad./posts on the blog Trail Spots (T-Spots!).  

Thank you Kareem, Leslie and Guinell!  Your contributions are deeply appreciated.  Great work!




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