Friday, 23 January 2015


Congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago European Associates (TTEA)  for sharing the music, beauty and diversity that is Trinidad and Tobago; the home of steel pan, calypso and soca!  Well done!

"We Are" ... Indeed!

Look, listen and get moving!   Great work from all musicians, calypsonians and other featured artistes!  Love it!  

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


When a visiting 'Trail Spots' fan and family made a request to  go to Toco, it was not a difficult decision to re-visit the inspirational spots of two previous posts.  They had seen the fabulous blog pics at   &  and wanted to experience for themselves the rugged beauty of the north-east coast.  No problem with me!

So, off went with no real agenda (like posting!).  This trip took much more time than the previous one for two reasons.  
First, we dropped in on other family and friends along the way. There was no need to rush, it being the laid back holiday season for many of us.  Then after meetings, greetings and pick-ups, we were on our way, making the now familiar turns along the Eastern Main Road and Valencia Road.

So much was seen that was not observed before and it was impossible for me not to make mental notes, as usual. 
I listened, smiled felt like a tour guide as the visitors 'oohed' and 'aahed' when they caught glimpses of the ocean, rivers, and turtle conservation sites. We were making good time because the winding road was no longer strange territory.  
Then the flow of traffic seemed to cease in the on-coming direction. We began to go slower and finally came to a halt behind a line of vehicles ... which brings us to the second reason for the longer time of this trip.    

This complete stop would see us pulling onto the road verge, to wait for approximately two hours.   The cause ... a vehicular accident about half a mile ahead.  

As the line of traffic stretched further behind us as well as on the opposite side of the accident, the road became busy with people leaving their vehicles to see what had happened up ahead.   Someone suggested that we turn back and go to visit one of the conservation sites that we had passed a little way back.   But the number of people heading to the accident site was increasing; our own curiosity was building up and it became difficult to turn back as emergency vehicles sped back and forth.

Two of our spotters joined the crowd heading towards the site of the accident.  The rest of us had to wait for a good verbal report since persons making their way back were only saying '' ... nobody dead ... three cars and a maxi/minibus smash up".
It was a great relief to know that there were no fatalities.  One driver sustained a broken leg; passengers were in shock, with cuts, bruises and bumps. They were evacuated.

The fire brigade was there.  Several police vehicles were on the scene. Two ambulances came in shortly afterwards with sirens blasting.  Two wreckers  parted the moving crowd.  We waited as our 'camera-man' decided to capture the event from a distance. Other visitors in the line-up decided to eat and drink to replenish their energies in the heat of the day.  So did we.

It still remains remarkable that four vehicles could be totally wrecked on such a straight and narrow road ... but there it was.

Eventually, the wreckage was cleared and the backed up traffic, regulated by the police officers, began to crawl past the accident site.  Those of us who had not walked to the scene took it in as we drove by.  This was totally unexpected.

Eventually we made it back to the normal speed and continued on our way to Toco.  
It appeared that many others who were caught in the jam were also heading to that location.  Some strange, yet familiar faces could be seen in the light-house parking area.  It was particularly busy, As if people were trying to make up for the time lost at the site of the accident.

It was uncanny that even though this time there was no intention to write a post, a post presented itself, literally by accident.
Two hours of waiting were inserted into what was supposed to be a long, cool drive and the expression 'expected the unexpected' came immediately to mind.

Our pics share a little of that unexpected event on our re-visit to Toco.  

Eventually we made it back to the normal speed and continued on our way to Toco.  It was clear that many others who were caught in the jam were also heading to that location.  Some strange, yet familiar faces could be seen in the light-house parking area.  It was particularly busy, as if people were trying to make up for the time lost at the accident site.

The light-house was as impressive as ever with its hot red door; the radar tower was shining silver just a few feet away; the waves below were pounding the coastline rocks as usual; seagulls drifted on the breeze; we discovered an active 'blow- hole' among the rocks; the spotters were soaked by a big wave spray (fun!) . 
We ate and watered up again, before heading back.

The View ...

Just before the soaking from the big wave surprise spray ...  fun!

Except for brief stops at the temporary one-lane bridges and traffic lights,  there was no long waiting on the way back.  Whew! 

'Expected the unexpected  ...' and think of the possibilities at hand, within a period of waiting.   
In fact, spin those possibilities into something worth viewing, writing and sharing.  


Thursday, 8 January 2015


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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


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Thursday, 1 January 2015


New year greetings from my spot to yours on the first day of 2015!

We will soon be on the road again, trailing into 2015!  But first ... catch a few shots of me in one of my favorite spots; my flower garden.  What a way to start the year ... pruning, mulching, chopping, planting, watering, re-potting, sweating ... prepping for the road!

Get ready to hit the trail with us again in a week or two. 
Remember to catch that special offer for three free full page ads. for your travel related business. 
Check the blog post for more information  @ ( and contact us soon.  

The three free full page ad. offer begins in February 2015.  
Come on board Caribbean!

Now, back to my spot ... the great outdoors, right at home!
Naturally me ... let's move!





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