Sunday, 30 March 2014

STORE BAY, TOBAGO COOL-DOWN ... back by demand

Many visitors to 'Trail Spots'  loved this photo from Store Bay, Tobago, featured in the post 'Week-end in Tobago' ... so we brought it back by demand, with a link to the original post: 

Another 'quick pic' cool-down to enjoy, with the cruisers all lined up and waiting. Obviously, the bathers here are soaking up the warmth and letting off some steam in a most natural way ... so can you!   A picture really speaks 'a thousand words'.

Follow the 'Quick Pic Series' on Trail Spots ... it's your chance to 'get away' on a virtual visit. 

Enjoy the view and come back soon!  

Saturday, 15 March 2014


The 'Look-out' is located on Lady Young Road. It runs through Belmont, a suburb of of the city of Port-of-Spain, providing great views of the capital from the drive along the edge of the hill.

What you see here from the Look-out, is what most of Port-of-Spain looks like, before and after the street theater that is Trinidad Carnival.

Just before the entrance to the Look-out you will observe the terraced hills which are a familiar sight along the uphill drive. I believe I have seen these terraces there almost all of my life.  Still holding. 
Colorful vendors' tents can be seen around the rim of the space. In that same photo with the vendors' tents, I believe you can see the old signal station on Fort George Hill in the background. These tents were not always there.  I remember the entire area was once just a place to park, look and move.  As the Look-out has grown in popularity, the tents have increased and the space is much more welcoming. 
A section of the bushy Belmont hills can also be seen in the fore-ground.  A safety 'wall' has replaced the safety rail. 

In the distance, towering over other buildings, you will catch a glimpse of the dome-shaped National Academy of the Performing Arts, NAPA;  Nicholas Tower (left); the financial Twin Towers (off center left); The Hyatt Regency (right) along the water-front, among others.  The Caribbean Sea and mountain ranges provide perfect backdrops.

The large green open area that you will see in some of the photos is the Queen's Park Savannah.  It is the world stage for many events, including cricket, Carnival and a host of other international and community events.  It is also the city's largest green breathing space. The flow of one-way traffic around the #Queen's Park Savannah, makes it the largest roundabout in the world.  Yeah!

Check out these 'Look-out' quick pics as part of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 'cool down'.
Look out and cool down ... 


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

KIDDIES CARNIVAL, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad - Carnival Monday

Kiddies on the move ... Trinidad and Tobago Carnival,  Monday 3rd March, 2014.

'TrailSpots' shares Ray Brathwaite's Kiddies' Carnival photos. Check out the album at the link provided below.

'Proud to be a Trinbagonian' - hosted by Ray Brathwaite\\

Click and go!  Enjoy!!




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