Sunday, 5 January 2014

OTTAWA TRAILS ... 'A Little Summer in Winter' - Part 2

OTTAWA TRAILS - 'A Little Summer in Winter' continues ...

A quick link to Part 1 is right here for your easy reference:
or you can just scroll down to Part 1.

The photos pretty much follow the order in which they are described in Part 1, so there's no need to repeat.  Captions go to work!

So, we're back on some 'Ottawa trails'  bringing a little warmth and color to you!

Let's move!

Champlain Lookout, Gatineau Park, on a rainy day

Part of the system of Rideau Canal locks; in the background, the By Town Museum, formerly a military post
View of Parliament Hill from the amphitheater on Napean Point

Ducks on the Ottawa River; background to the right, the Museum of Civilization  

Confederation  Park; Bell Tower in left background

Step art near the National Art Center

One of several poster invitations to the Eco Art Exhibition  

Changing of the Guard parade on Elgin St., making its way up to Parliament Hill

Changing of the Guard parade, passing flags in front of the National Arts Centre.  Behind that is the Government Conference Centre
I was told that these uniformed marchers, or most of them, are in fact college and university students who do this as a summer job or volunteer for drill training each year.  
One of the requirements is that they must be able to play a musical instrument; a necessity for the musical pageant.  They look and move like professionals ... great presentation!

Thanks again Liz!  The weather forecasters were predicting a 'warmer' weekend.  I really hope it came through.

Until next time ... keep warm!  
Jusqu'à la prochaine fois ... garder au chaud!


Friday, 3 January 2014

#OTTAWA TRAILS ... 'A Little Summer in Winter' - Part 1

Ottawa has a checkered history.  I like the city for two main reasons; it has the big city feeling without the clutter and therefore it is not overwhelming.  I was there just a couple years ago and the photos from that time (on this blog) always roll back the memory of a good, unhurried time in this picturesque, event-filled city.

The city of Ottawa was founded by Colonel John By, a British military engineer, between 1826 - 1832.  Many of Ottawa's historical innovations, such as the building of the Rideau Canal system and the Byward Market area were done under his supervision, in what was very challenging, rugged terrain, at that time.
A photo of the statue of Colonel By is presented first in the line-up that follows.  It was taken at Major's Hill Park, overlooking Parliament Hill.  

At this time of the year we hear of snow storms that have severely affected the utilities and general mobility in the Northern regions.    We hear of temperatures dipping below minus30 degrees Celsius, and residents brace for an even colder early new year. 
People who came to the Caribbean for the holiday season, which has experienced its own version of weather challenges at this time, are anticipating a cold reception on their return home.  They might even be soaking up as much sunshine as possible. 
Somehow reminders of a warmer climate have a way of making the freezing cold a little less cold and more bearable. 

A city dweller, friend and fan, shared some photos from last summer that were absolutely breath-taking.  Thank you Liz, for adding more color and warmth to this blog!
 A similar burst of natural color, warmth and vibrant cultural life will come around again.   It is anticipated by all, even me!.
There is a time and  season ... .  In the meantime we enjoy vicariously, these 'Ottawa trails'!

In this post and the next, we take a whirl around this buzzing little city that sits on the banks of the grand Ottawa River and the meandering Rideau Canal.
We will stroll through two parks - Major's Hill Park and Confederation Park, lit up with colorful flower arrangements; see some tour buses on Elgin St. and Queen Elizabeth Drive; watch the Brigantine ship, the Fair Jeanne, on the Ottawa River and pleasure boats on the Rideau Canal.   We will gaze at the grand Ottawa River spanned by the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge and flowing by the Parliament Hill and Buildings, which are distinguished by their unique green-topped Gothic architecture. 

We will then take in the hill-top view from Nepean Point on a rainy day; see a part of the Rideau Canal locks system at work;  survey the Parliament Buildings from the amphitheater on Nepean Point; float with the ducks on the grand Ottawa River, with the Museum of Civilisation in the background; take a quick look at the Confederation Park greens; glimpse some poster invitations to the Eco Art exhibition; skip up some step art near the National Arts Centre and join the Changing of the Guard parade on Elgin St., on its way up to Parliament Hill, in grand style!
All of this comes in two posts, so look out for more pics of  'A Little Summer in Winter' ...!

Even with this current challenging reality, there is a natural warmth and beauty that will burst forth in the coming months.  Let the photos on this post serve as a reminder of a coming time, in a city that continues to evolve naturally and otherwise.
Enjoy 'a little summer in the winter' along some 'Ottawa trails'.

Let's move!

A statue of Colonel John By

Major's Hill Park with a statue of Colonel By in the background, far right

Flowers at Major's Hill Park

Flowers at one entrance to Major's Hill Park

Rideau Canal flower beds

Flowers at Major's Hill Park near the National Gallery, in the left background

Tour Bus cruising along Queen Elizabeth Drive
Helie Tour Bus in front of the Lord Elgin Hotel

The Brigantine - 'The Fair Jeanne', on the Ottawa River

Pleasure boats docked on the Rideau Canal

Ottawa River and Macdonald-Cartier bridge from Nepean Point

The Ottawa River from Major's Hill Park

'A Little Summer in Winter ... Some 'Ottawa trails', Part 2 ... coming right up!



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