Sunday, 29 September 2013


Sisters visit each other frequently or occasionally ... right?

'Writing into Wellness ...' ( pays a post visit to 'Trail Spots' on this occasion - a hike through what is unintentionally turning out to be a favorite spot.  Why ? ... Because I keep returning to this place!

This time I literally hiked the trail (along part of the Northern Range) from the Chaguaramas Gulf Club to Macqueripe Recreational Park, which as you know, includes the historical Macqueripe Cove.

Why not read on and see for yourself how it all went down!  If you are unable to click the pics and get expanded views on this re-post, you will certainly get them at the original post at W.I.W..  
Absolutely worth it! 
Some members of the AIM hike team

I have walked several nature trails and conquered many steep slopes. 
This time (for reasons shared in earlier posts), I had more than a few second thoughts.  In fact, I had secretly decided to go for the ride, but sit out the hike.
In my own mind I was trimming the challenge down to a manageable size, especially as we got closer to our destination and I began to survey the surrounding mountainous Northern Range.

Entertainment news over the radio had predicted rain, and rain it did, as we got to the head of the trail.  D. assured us that we would be mostly sheltered by the forest foliage... no umbrellas necessary!  We headed out.
The walking time was estimated at around 45 minutes (at a brisk pace) to complete approximately two and a half kilometers of challenging terrain. 

As we entered the bush, my first impression was that was it did not look too intimidating.  Then I was Instructed to mount D.'s back for the first ascent.  As we came around the first turn, there it was ... a seemingly never ending uphill trail! 
I was thankful to be carried on two strong backs as we navigated the climb; over intertwined roots that formed natural steps and around branches that seemed to reach out to touch us on our way.  

Jumping ahead ...!

It was a rough piggy back to say the least and I just knew that at some point my timidity would fall away and the will to conquer this trail would step in.  
I am not used to being carried and when the stretched muscles in my back said ..."no more", the legs stepped into action.
Supported by strong arms and the mantra that we were 'almost there', we pushed further uphill, crossed some plateaus, caught some deep breaths, sipped water, stretched, joked, checked out the sea beneath, took pictures, fought off the huge mosquitoes (in spite of the protection of insect repellent), wiped away the sweat that was pouring out and prepared for the descent.

I should have remembered immediately that 'almost there' in Trinbagonianese usually means 'a good distance'.  Eventually that understanding kicked in and the encouraging comments on the endless descent were taken in stride. 

I am grateful to the entire team, especially, Damien, Alan, Tash 1 and Tash 2 :), Sharlene, Colin and all those who hung back to lend moral support.  I was thrilled to make a strong finish on my own feet, with the assistance of strong hands. 

We cheered and posed for pics, then it was down to the beach where real refreshments, the kayaks, numerous bathers and sparkling sea-water awaited.

For me it was an unequaled opportunity to soak up the sun and the salt.  I dug my feet into the sand and all was well. 

There was so much pleasure in quietly observing adults enjoying the holiday 'down-time'; watching children playing in the sand, splashing around and squealing in the water; hearing the zipline whizzing across the cove; following the kayakers as they ventured out and remembering that once again, I had returned to Macqueripe.

I believe that I was much more than the custodian of the camera on this day!  Every experience that we have creates an image, a memory that finds a place within us.  We must call up the really good ones to re-charge us on our journey. 

The photos tell more of the trail story ... 




 So much fun
a whole lot of wellness !


Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Official Hardcore Caribbean Video ... Finale!

  Finally, the official July 2013, Hardcore Caribbean (Trinidad) video ... released, received and delivered to you.  That's it until next year!  :)

Just click and go ...




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