Friday, 29 March 2013


My friend and fan Anton finally carved out some time, a little while back, to fulfill one of his dreams and place another tick on the bucket list.

A European tour is on most people's list.  Many do not get to place the tick, but some like Anton, do.  After viewing the absolutely breath-taking photos of his tour of Vienna, Italy, I silently decided that Florence, Sienna and other sites on the tour, will be ticked on my list.  Of course, he plans to return!

The photos shared here are just a few from the bus and walking tours of Florence, the home of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and other great artists from the Renaissance period. This was the commercial capital of the world at that time and home of the Medici Dynasty.   
 The Arno River and bridges, grand churches, museums, piazzas, spectacular look-out views and just ordinary open spaces, convey a sense of the unhurried atmosphere and age of the city.  Truly amazing scapes!
Views of Sienna, San Gimignana, the heart of the Tuscany region sent me in search of the movie 'Under the Tuscan Sun', which remains high on the list of my favorite movies. 

It is always a great feeling to stand in a place that one has  read or heard about, or seen in books. Anton was no less thrilled and sent me dozens of photos which have been resting in the archives, until now.

The story behind the decision to share a few of these images with you, will be told at another time.  For now, let us enjoy flashes of Florence courtesy my friend Anton.
Unlike the real tour, these photos are in no particular sequence, but they are nevertheless, awesome and inviting. 

So ... let's get moving!  Muoviamoci!

The San Giovani Baptistery at Duomo Square
The Duomo of Florence - dedicated to Santa Maria del Flore; front view

The Duomo of Florence - dedicated to Santa Maria del Flore (side-view)
The Basilica of Santa Croce, one of the largest churches in Florence

Crossing the Arno River
Ponte Vecchio - the only original bridge left in Florence.  The others were bombed in World War 2

View of The Duomo from Piazzale Michelangelo, overlooking Florence (1)

View of The Duomo from Piazzale Michelangelo (2)
Close-up of The Duomo

View of the Arno River from Piazzale Michelangelo
Cypress trees in the hills of Florence

The boyhood home of Michelangelo  (many, many later!) 

Tourists wait in long lines to visit The Duomo

Florence in a flash!
Grazie, Anton!


Sunday, 24 March 2013


Hardcore Caribbean Obstacle Course Challenge Series: July, 2013

Looks like fun ...
Hope you endure to the end folks!

This Training Location: Chaguaramas and Macqueripe
Next training Location:  Who knows?

That's the team spirit ... get moving 'Badmind' Warriors!

Hardcore 'Badmind' Warrior!



Saturday, 23 March 2013


Here I was, thinking that I would take a break from the Chaguaramas and Macqueripe trail spots for a while, as breath-taking as they are.  Not so!

It so happens that some fans of mine are connected to a team that is taking part in the up-coming Hardcore Caribbean Obstacle Course Challenge Series, that's being held in Trinidad, July 2013.

The team is training all over the country. This week-end's training took place between Chaguaramas and Macqueripe!

Conclusion: Chaguaramas and Macqueripe are not only great for relaxing and bathing, but also perfect for hard-core obstacle training!  Here are a few pics from the back-breaking session as the team gets ready for the July rumble.

More details and photos on the Caribbean series can be found at Hardcore Caribbean's Facebook page. You might need to 'like' them to get more information about the event (if it's not already ticked).


Meanwhile, let's see how our team did at the trail spot turned training spot this week-end!
Of course, these photos are just a drop in the bucket.  I'll follow up with a few shots of the real 'fun' in the next post ...Training Day, Part 2!


Part 2 coming right up!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A VERY QUICK PIC ... Mill or Mile?

No, this is not a grave-stone.  This structure can be found throughout the rural districts of Trinidad and Tobago and other parts of the world, I'm sure.  I believe they may also be a part of our British heritage.

This is a photo of a milestone.  It was used to mark the distance between places, like main towns and out-lying areas.  This particular milestone is well over sixty years old, I was told.  It now stands/leans at the side of the road, as a reminder of its former function.  
The modern version of this stone still exists, brightly painted and bearing distance information in kilometers, instead of miles.  

Distance and direction information is also now commonly displayed on large, (mostly!) well-designed signs along the highways and byways.

Some of these milestones have been lost; buried beneath the earth by road-work and drainage development.  Others, like this one, have been saved and still perform their former function in an informal way.
Community members still use the old distance descriptions, even though the building number system has been in place for many years.

As they stand or lean at the side of now busy roadways, what stories they could tell, having 'seen'  and withstood much of the community's development work, not to mention the unrelenting work of the natural elements. 
If only they could speak!  Well, in a way, this one did.

TRAIL SPOTS salutes the old milestones wherever they are on the trail! 


Saturday, 16 March 2013

MY PINTEREST PEEKS ... Amazing Scapes and More Amazing Scapes .!


Just 'tweaking' the rules for the greater good!  
Click the link below and enjoy the views!  :)

The boards 'AMAZING SCAPES 1 and 'MORE AMAZING SCAPES 2' present quick views of global breath-taking scenery.  Just scroll down a little and you'll find board 2. 
I consider them all to be trail spots ... a virtual, vicarious bucket list of sorts. 

Don't forget to let me know what you think ... and make suggestions of more amazing places that can be added.
I might just create a 'TRAIL SPOTS FANS' board ... hmm!

Some of my readers tell me that they're just not  into 'the social media network thing', so I'm bringing this to you as a little encouragement, in small doses.

My Pinterest Pinning Tips: 

  1. Offer brief information/specific locations with original pins; that way re-pinners are always learning something and can ask more informed questions when they visit or follow up!
  2. Write brief, sincere comments occasionally.
  3. Take your time; build up your boards gradually
  4. Choose quality over quantity; too many pins on one board can be overwhelming. 
  5. Show your face on your profile pic; it's optional, but people tend to re-pin from or follow, persons whose faces they can see ... still, it's your choice!   

Let's get moving!

Please note:
  • The link to Gabby's travel related  boards via this site, will be opened on weekends. New amazing scapes will be added.  This access will be for the purpose of viewing only.
  • Any unauthorized activity by any source, can be identified and will be reported.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


*This post has been relocated from its former place at 'WRITING INTO WELLNESS ...'.

This building still stands on Front St., Grand Turk, TCI.  Its rusted galvanize roof, tin/metal walls and foundation, may well over 100 years old.  It faces the expansive Atlantic Ocean, just a few feet from the sea wall.  It hears everything!

The poem was written in response to the question "What did I hear?  This photo was one among several images of buildings with unique walls.



I heard the wind whistling by.
I heard the waves crashing in.
I heard the rain beating 
against my metal walls.

I  heard the swearing words
of drunk and fearless men.
I  heard many passing feet 
some bare,some booted.
Some noticed me,
most did not.

I have taken on many shades,
not all my liking.
But here I stand
 rusty grey and brown.

I have been lived in
I have been left out.
I am still standing.

It is in my nature
to rust and fall away
piece by piece
over many, many years.

One day I shall be filled with light.
But for now I keep watch 
and listen for the sandaled feet
with pretty, painted toes
and tanned faces with shaded eyes.

Some may notice me
as aged, strong and wise. 
Others may simply
pass me by.



Anonymous comment: I am glad that I had the opportunity to see this heritage building, even with 'shaded eyes'. 

Friday, 1 March 2013



Guys just wanna have fun ... right?   Last week-end, one of our trail-spotters, AG and some friends, went on a fun rally trail sponsor...