Monday, 26 November 2012

WHERE ARE WE? ... Balandra in Trinidad

Find us ... planting a seed.

The Big Picture ... Caribbean Islands, North to South and in-between.

The Bahamas to the North; Trinidad in the south ... last in the chain; all the rest are in-between, some to the east some to the west.

Balandra in Trinidad, is on the north-eastern coast,facing the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the few get-away spots in Trinidad from where you just might see Tobago, on a clear day!
The Island of Trinidad

BALANDRA BAY on North-eastern coast
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The Island of Tobago

The 'Retreat to Balandra' feature which will be re-posted on this blog, planted a seed for TRAIL SPOTS (T-SPOTS!)

Maps courtesy: Media and Editorial  Projects Ltd.  


Thursday, 15 November 2012


Sometimes the best ideas appear in the quietest moments; often in the most unlikely places and most times under somewhat unexpected or even challenging circumstances.
TRAILSPOTS was such an idea that was waiting to happen under somewhat unceremonious circumstances.

The inspiration came partly from a post (Retreat to Balandra) on the big sister blog 'Writing into Wellness ...', which attracted so many views that a pattern began to emerge in the the mind of a novice blogger who was trying out an idea as a hobby.   
It was simply that readers were drawn to posts that were travel related, picture driven and presented from the perspective of a person or persons who had 'been there and done that'.    

But more than that, it was the realization that people were often searching for places that were off the beaten track; people with open agendas and more importantly, people who saw the simple, often unseen details that make for interesting learning experiences.  

The open agenda was often rest, relaxation and a genuine interest in people and the lives that they lived within their particular space or spot.  
It was about seeing with a deeper eye and connecting with people just like ourselves, only different in their particular life experience.  It all makes for a richer and wider connection among the occupants of these islands and planet that we call home.
TrailSpots' aim is to bring that 'deeper eye' to the posts that will be created and shared with persons who may be inspired to visit our featured spots or to enjoy vicariously whatever is placed on the 'table'.  'Eclectic' would be a good word to describe our trails, though many would argue that we need to 'focus'! 

TrailSpots' mission will no doubt unfold and evolve, but something tells me that this life is too big to 'focus'.  So our trails will take us as near or as far as we can go, with a little help from our friends!  

The tranquil setting of Balandra helped to bring to fruition the idea of TrailSpots moving into its own space.   Some earlier TrailSpots posts, including the popular 'Retreat to Balandra' feature will be moved to this new space and many more will be added as we go along.

Here are some peek pics of Balandra, north-west Trinidad, that helped to get things moving.  Do enjoy our rustic birthplace and you are very welcome to stay on the trail with the TrailSpots team!

On the road to our Birthplace!

The location of Balandra in Trinidad will be identified via maps and close-up views in the next post, so we will always know the exact physical location where TrailSpots was 'born'.




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