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Grand Turk Cruise-ship Center at South Base

The Grand Turk Cruise center is a relatively new cruise center.  It was constructed and opened around 2003/2004, at the southern tip of the tiny island of Grand Turk, a British Overseas Territory .  The Cruise Center attracts both local and visitor traffic, with Margaritaville as a main attraction.

Carnival Cruise-ship in port

Section of Grand Turk Cruise Center

The Center is dotted with a variety of shops where visitors can buy all kind of souvenirs and other local artwork.   Best of all, as you step off the cruise ship (including Carnival and others) you can almost literally step or dive into the turquiose water.  Taxis and other tour operators will take you around the island, where you can enjoy other attractions, like horse-back riding along the beach, ATV tours or buggy rides around the small town. Of course, you can always laze around the beach or the bar at the port!

Visitors on the beach next to cruise port and center
  Governor's Beach is a popular beach within walking distance of the Cruise Center.  As a matter of fact, if you're the explorer type, you can walk from the Cruise Center to the town along the white sand beach that faces the Atlantic Ocean.  You'll meet several  'watering holes' like the 'Sand Bar' small hotels such as 'The Osprey' and local restaurants as you get closer to town.  And you're never far away from the main road which takes you right back to South Base and the Cruise-ship Center.

View from Governor's Beach
The Sand Bar Restaurant and Bar

 Grand Turk is the capital of the Turks and Caicos Islands, but it is quite small.   The Cruise-ship Center brings many visitors to this picturesque rustic island which is still dotted with historical sites and relics.  Your tour guide will point them out or you can track them down yourself if you prefer
The  older churches and lodge buildings, the old prison location, the Light House, North Base(former naval facilities) and the salt ponds are among such.

Here are some Trail spots shots of downtown Grand Turk.

Town Center Park (north view)

Town Center Park and Clock ( south view)

House of Assembly (rear view)

Town Center Park with fountain
Salt pond in the fore; Cee's Supermarket in the background

Former Prison facility (white walls) along Main St.

Police officers on the beat on Front St.

Visitor strolling along white-walled Front St., steps away from the sea

Depending on who you meet and speak with, you should not  be surprised by the languages and accents that you hear from TCIslanders, people from across the Caribbean, as well as Britain, North American, Canada, France and a host of other countries.  It's all a part of the TCI mix!

Enjoy a few more shots of some Grand Turk T-Spots ... maybe even pay a visit soon!

Salt pond with remains of a very old  pump at the center
Dive boat with cruise-ship in the distance

Grand Turk Tourist Board Building

Please note that there may be some changes in these scenes since these pics were taken a few years ago, making this featured post a 'throw-back' post!  But my guess is that much has remained the same in Grand Turk! Also, these pics were originally posted on the sister blog at, hence the water mark!  
Enjoy the trail!





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