Thursday, 13 April 2017


Guys just wanna have fun ... right?  

Last week-end, one of our trail-spotters, AG and some friends, went on a fun rally trail sponsored by Spice Boys Foundation, a non-profit organisation in the south-land.  We got the green light to hitch a little ride with the guys as they set out, stopping along the way to take some pics on the quest.

You'll see the team of four: Saveer (Driver), Alan (Navigator), Dillon (Runner) and Har (Runner).  They covered over 100 kms. in pursuit of their rally points and treasures on this south Trinidad trail.  The team started at Gulf City, San Fernando and returned three and a half hours later.  

As such fun rallies go, they had to navigate to certain mapped points, carry out some unbelievable feats (like finding a cold beverage with a red star on the label!) ... ahh! ... then make their escapes in quick time.  No turning back!

There was no top five finish this time around, but they did make some treasure stops at: Usine, St Madeline; King's Wharf San Fernando; Wally's Smokehouse, Rousillac; The Pitch Lake, La Brea' Daisy Voisin Hub, Siparia'  Sanderson Park, Fyzabad and many others. Some of these very popular spots on the route are shared here.  

Read more about Spice Boys Foundation and their community work on Facebook page

Find some history about the late Daisy Voisin, a cultural icon in the vibrant Siparia community and Trinidad and Tobago, on Facebook page

You might also want to find out more about Wally's Smokehouse and his world famous ribs right here in Rousillac.  
Go to Facebook

Thank you Har, Dillon, Saveer and Alan for taking us along with you ... heard that it was a riot!  Congrats to the Spice Boys Foundation on another successful rally.  Continue your good work and thank you for sharing the fun with T-Spots and our global fans!

Let's hit the trail with these fit and fine guys!

Team on board  ... Dillon, Alan, Saveer, Har (DASH!)  

@ King's Wharf,  City of San Fernando

@ Usine Carpark, St. Madeline

@ Usine, St. Madeline ... main road entrance to old sugar-cane factory

@ Usine, St. Madeline ... old land-mark palms in the background

@ The Pitch Lake Center, La Brea; glimpse of the Pitch Lake in the far background 
@ Wally's Smokehouse, Rousillac, Fyzabad Main Road
(Famous bbq smoker in the background)

@ Sanderson Park, Fyzabad ... found 'blonde' treasure!

@ Sanderson Park, Fyzabad - Memorial Plaque

@ Daisy Voisin Hub, Siparia Main Road

@ Stature of the late queen of parang, Daisy Voisin, Siparia 

Rally on Spice Boys Foundation!  Keep on trailing Team DASH!


Friday, 3 March 2017


The long Carnival week-end and week in Trinidad and Tobago has ended ... 

However, when it comes to pre-Carnival or post-Carnival fun, many Trinbagonians head to the sea-side for some rest and relaxation.

The east coast of Trinidad along the Manzanilla coastal stretch is a popular R&R spot.  Here the Atlantic Ocean water is rough and the winds are forceful.   At high tide the waves crash against the sea-wall and you have to hold on to the safety rails or get blown away! This expansive body of water leaves no doubt about its sheer power, no matter how many sea-walls are built.   Then, as the tide ebbs, we're granted permission to stroll along the sandy shore. What a transformation! 

Many holiday makers camp-out for a day or days by the sea-side. Some go fishing in the mangrove and rivers; some just hang out at the beach facilities; some dive in the rough waters; some binge on drinks and food ... some take lots of pics!!  Emergency health services can be seen along the road as well ... just in case!

The water is not the crystal clear blue that is often associated with Caribbean beaches.  This might be due to the oil rig activity further south along the east coast off Guayaguayare Pt. ... but the bathers do not seem to mind!

It's always a great family and friends time!  The 'beach-lime' remains among the top favorite activities on week-ends or holidays throughout the island.  Locals and visitors alike take full advantage of the abundance of public beaches all around the island, setting up tents, umbrellas, beach chairs, card tables, barbeque grills and whatever else is needed for their rustic outdoor comfort!
Some opt for beach houses while others rough it among the coconut groves that spread along the eastern shore line.  Either way, the ocean is just a few steps away. 
Here we share a quick-pic-tour* of our road-trip to Manzanilla Beach and the beach-side stretch where all of the above could be seen. Look out for Manzanilla Point - a land mass jutting out in the distance.  You won't miss 'Fisherman's Perch' - a solid concrete structure next to a roadside bridge where holiday fishermen sit and  cast their rods hoping for the best!

The dark clouds overhead rolled in just like the ocean waves, but soon the sun came shining through again.  It was a perfect blend of shade, sunshine, wind, waves, happy holiday people and lots of coconut trees!  
Wonderful T-Spot!

*All photos were taken by the #TrailSpots team.

Just push the shrub aside a little and the sign says ...  

Manzanilla Beach Facilities


Thursday, 23 February 2017


As the two big days, Carnival Monday and Tuesday, draw near 'TrailSpots (T-Spots!)' is pleased to share a page and pics from one of Photographer Damian Luk Pat's Carnival albums.  

Damian's work, as you will see, is stunningly beautiful as he captures these dynamic costumes crossing the 'big stage' at Queen's Park. The names, other details of these costumes in this authorized share and more photos, may be found at  his site ...
Click on over!  Leave your comments there and here!
Find Damian's album 'In The Spotlight' in the T-Spot side-bar too! 

Get teased with these three breath-taking photos for starters!

'Egypt's Beauty ...'

'Hurricane Trump ...'

'Mr. Sailor ...'

Enjoy these views of the recent Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Junior and Senior Kings and Queens, 2017, held at Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad! 

Once again, thank you Damian Luk Pat for sharing with us on 'T-Spots', as well as with our international community! 
Welcome to our picked spot for T&T Carnival 2017!



Friday, 17 February 2017


Come along with us once again as we go back 'down de islands' ... on memory lane.
Read all about it and re-live the adventure!  

Waiting for the Second Trip

We're always interested when students get the opportunity to experience theory by getting out of walled classrooms.  This is when learning becomes practical and meaningful.
Field-trips have the potential to merge the words with the reality, while mixing in a lot of fun and and a little adventure.  What do you bet that this was one field-trip these students will never forget!

Gaspar Grande, also called Gaspareeis certainly off the beaten path.  A few call it home, many more view it from the mainland as an exotic, mysterious place and some make their way there or thereabouts for leisurely, educational or other ventures.   

Long before TrailSpots, the last trip to Gaspar Grande. which locals call ' down de islands' and the Gasparee Caves, happened several years ago.  After viewing T.'s pics from a more recent field-trip, the memory of that long ago visit to Gasparee Island and the limestone caves returned ... fresh and haunting as ever! 

Our group had crossed over in a open fishing boat back then. This hooded one looked much more comfortable and equipped with devices in compliance with safety standards.
The view, of course, is always stunning!

Crossing to Gaspar Grande

Centipede Island up ahead

Passing by to Centipede Island

Except for Pumpkin, a friendly four-legged resident of Gaspar Grande and Tour-guide C., who was not around on my last visit, all the cave features I remembered were present in even more dramatic form.
Some of stalactites and stalagmites were in early stage formation, while others looked mature and presented like natural works of art, which they are. 

Happy welcome from the resident dog, Pumpkin 
The sign-boards provide useful information about the island and the caves.  Be sure to click and read them.

Descending into the cave with Tour-guide C. ...

Light was still beaming through the huge circular/concave opening at the 'roof' of the cave. That was certainly one of the more memorable cave features I had seen; the formation of which was explained and remembered

Holes possibly formed from collapsed stalactite

Look up! Stalactites in formation ... and bats!
Stalactites in living color; natural art

 The cave walls still looked damp and impenetrable. I was told that what I remembered as dark water at the bottom of the cave was now quite clear.  It must be the effect of the cave lights!  Yet, the lights seemed to add to the atmosphere of mystery in which nature quietly does her best work. 

Let's just take in the images of these stunning and enduring cave formations!  

Cave Walls
Growing stalagmites
The cave 'bedroom' ... all lit up!
Still,clear waters
This was a refreshing vicarious visit for me, which T. was excited to share with you.  I was told that the trip ended with a splash ... several splashes actually! 

Feel free to return and enjoy glimpses of the Gasparee Caves; a 'T-Spot' just off the north-western tip of Trinidad 'down de islands' ... or better yet, pay a visit!
Thanks for the welcome Pumpkin! 


More information about this heritage site may be requested from the Chaguaramas Development Authorities (CDA) and the Chaguaramas National Heritage Park authorities.